The National Institute for the Blind is placed in central Budapest. Its main goal is to provide complex rehabilitation and longterm care services for people with visual impairment. Performing our duty we consider age of our users, the level of the impairment and additional disabilities and we aspire to contriubute the social inclusion of our clients.
Our activity on the field of complex rehabilitation services covers

  • perseveration and improvement of physical state
  • developing the skills needed for independent living and self-support
  • psychological support to help coping with the loss of vision and to increase self-confidence
  • finding suitable educational, vocational, occupational possibilities considering the users’ abilities and skills, promoting our users inclusion in the labour market
  • supporting the access to social transfers
  • suitable, healthy habitation with full board

Besides the rehabilitation services, the Institute offers long term care for  elderly visually impaired people or to those who have additional disabilities. Daycare with special support and recreational activities are also accessible for the independent residents in Budapest.